Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub is a connected and responsive touch screen system that combines the best features of interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, and on-screen applications within one system and display.

Work together and share your ideas more easily than ever before. Natural collaboration occurs when input is instant, in the way you want to contribute – verbally, expressively, as a sketch, a demonstration or a comparison. Microsoft Surface Hub disappears into the background as the purpose of the meeting transcends the technology.

Advanced Natural Collaboration

All operations can be used simultaneously, utilising advanced natural touch and pen capabilities, wide-angle high definition cameras, infrared presence sensors, high performance microphones, and large-screen applications including Skype for Business, Microsoft Office, Powerpoint and Whiteboard.

Microsoft Surface Hub’s sleek design has flexible mounting configurations and a choice of two screen sizes (55” and 84”).

New Zealand Authorised Reseller

Asnet is very proud to be a Gold Certified Authorised Reseller in New Zealand. 

These systems cannot be bought direct from Microsoft, and our extensive experience in audiovisual and videoconferencing enables us to supply, install and configure your systems to suit your organisation. Our highly qualified technicians will install, connect and ensure your system is working correctly. We offer significant capabilities to simplify the process towards greater, more effective and increasingly productive collaboration in your organisation, including our in-house national technical, sales and support teams.

More Information On Microsoft Surface Hub

For more information or to place an order, please fill out the form on this page and one of our team will contact you shortly, or contact us directly on 0800 276-388. For product details and specifications, visit the Microsoft Surface Hub website.